FOOTBALL: The “Great 8 & 4 More” Rankings after Week 7


The Inland_Sports team spends countless hours (sometimes staying up all night long) in the lab crunching numbers and applying scientific equations to conclude the most accurate “Great 8 & 4 More” high school football rankings each week. Well, it’s sort of like that … so after much deliberation, here’s our “Great 8 & 4 More” after Week 7.

The only noticeable change is that REV (Redlands East Valley) climbs into our Great 8; thanks in large part to Yucaipa’s 61-60 4OT at Cajon. In a strange way, the T’birds helped REV move up – crazy, I know! The Wildcats have been solid all year long and it was probably just a matter of time until they were back in the Great 8.

Just a heads up … there’s some big games on the horizon including REV @ Cajon in Week on October 28.

The grandaddy of them all will be the Menifee Bowl as #2 Heritage hosts #5 Paloma Valley in the regular season finale. Huge rivalry game, great fans on both sides, amazing players and coaches … game of the century kinda stuff! And oh yeah, Heritage has NEVER lost a Sunbelt League game; so there’s that too.

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