FOOTBALL: The “Great 8 & 4 More” Rankings after First Round of Playoffs


Everybody and their brother puts together a “High School Football Poll,” and to be honest, most of them look like they don’t even go the games!?!? Inland_Sports covers about a dozen football games every week so not only do we see all these teams, but we got the video highlights to back up our rankings.

With that said … I think we’ve been pretty darn close all season and this week’s rankings prove that. Roosevelt cracks the “Great 8” after wins against Norco and San Jacinto in back-to-back weeks.

Meanwhile, there’s three teams in the “4 More” that have closed out their season: Cajon, Citrus Hill, and Paloma Valley.

That’ll give a couple teams that are currently still in the playoffs, an opportunity to get off the bubble and into the “Great 8 & 4 More” — we’re looking at you Norte Vista, Summit, San Gorgonio, Notre Dame, Rubidoux, Redlands, etc.

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