FOOTBALL: Walker, Johnson Named to Inland Empire All-Star Classic


Jim Walker will postpone his retirement from football, as the long-time Redlands head coach will be one of the head coaches in the Inland Empire All-Star Classic, slated for January 14 at Ramona High School in Riverside.

Notre Dame head coach Derrick Johnson will counter Walker, as this IE tradition will take on a new-look this year with some exciting changes in store. One of the changes will have the head coaches “drafting” the seniors they would like on their team! Also, it will not be San Bernardino vs. Riverside this year, rather “Team Inland” vs “Team Empire.” Stay tuned for more details coming soon!

For the very latest news on the IE All-Star Classic, follow Inland_Sports on twitter (@Inland_Sports) and be sure to watch/listen  to the Inland_Sports Show every Saturday at 11am on the Inland_Sports YouTube Channel and on Fox Sports 1350AM KTDD.

Check out our live broadcast of the game last year, as Riverside County edged San Bernardino County in an instant classic!


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