FOOTBALL: Pre-Season “Great 8 & 4 More” Rankings

Using a very complicated, scientific, and mathematical formula; the Inland_Sports Show Super Computer was able to squirt out (as Geoff Gorham put it) these preseason “Great 8 & 4 More” power rankings based on a points system.

Centennial checks in at the top spot with 48 points; followed by Murrieta Valley, Heritage, Vista Murrieta and Roosevelt rounding out the top five spots. There were several ties including a log jam for the 8th spot in the Great 8.

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IE All-Stars set for Inland_Sports Show


The #1 overall pick in the Inland Empire All-Star Classic Scott Walther (Heritage offensive lineman) will join us LIVE on the Inland_Sports Show this Saturday on Fox Sports 1350AM and the Inland_Sports YouTube Channel.

Walther was selected by Jim Walker (Redlands) with the first pick for the Cardinal Empire team which will wear USC colors for the IE All-Star Classic. Walther paved the way for the Heritage offense, leading the Patriots to an undefeated regular season and another Sunbelt League championship.

Quarterback Armando Herrera (REV) was the top pick for Derrick Johnson (Notre Dame) and the Blue Empire team. Herrera capped off his high school career with more than 10,000 yards passing and 100 touchdowns in four years with the Wildcats. Herrera will also join us LIVE on The Inland_Sports Show.


FOOTBALL: Inland Empire All-Star Classic Drafted Players

Derrick Johnson (right) and Jim Walker draft IE All-Star Classic players from the Tartan Restaurant in Redlands.

The 32nd Inland Empire All-Star Classic head coaches Jim Walker (Redlands) and Derrick Johnson (Notre Dame) drafted the first 22 players on each of their teams during a LIVE broadcast on the Inland_Sports Show YouTube Channel on Wednesday from the Tartan Restaurant in Redlands.

Below are the players drafted by each head coach. An approximate 14 additional players will be added to each all-star roster. The final rosters will be posted on the Inland_Sports website and social media platforms.

BLUE INLAND TEAM (Derrick Johnson):

QB – Armando Herrera (REV)

RB – Miles Reed (Centennial)

DL – Elijah Chambers (San Jacinto)

DB – Jaylan Shaw (Centennial)

C – Kyle Krepsz (King)

OL – Jair Goiz (San Gorgonio)

LB – Chad Kanow (Great Oak)

LB – Pika Fakava (San Gorgonio)

DB – George Hicks III (Cajon)

DB – Jayden Dawson (Heritage)

DL – Tesi Mikaele (Citrus Hill)

DL – Seleti Fevaleaki (Centennial)

DL – Solomon Iosefa (Norte Vista)

WR – Bryan Thompson (Rancho Verde)

WR- Jeremiah Boatner (Corona)

WR – Justin Fisher (Centennial)

OL – Sam Alvarez (Aquinas)

WR – Simeon Burns (Linfield Christian)

LB – Jonis Allen (Riverside Poly)

LB – Josh Kaldas (Centennial)

QB – Kaleb Hayes (San Gorgonio)

RB – Lika Palmer (Murrieta Valley)




OL – Scott Walther (Heritage)

DL – Anthony Mermea (Vista Murrieta)

DB – Darren Hall (Rancho Cucamonga)

DB – Jaylen Moore (King)

DL – Kain Sua (Rancho Verde)

OL – Chase Windham (Vista Murrieta)

WR – Tyreque Jones (San Gorgonio)

TE – Kade Greeley (Vista Murrieta)

QB – Karson Greeley (Vista Murrieta)

DB – Nick Harper (REV)

OL – Hector Marin (Roosevelt)

WR – Jaivian Lofton (Rancho Cucamonga)

DB – Jared Oliphant (REV)

DL – Pounono Faaagi (Vista Murrieta)

OL – Frank Lemos (Yucaipa)

LB – Voi Fata (REV)

LB – Tevita Halalilo (Rancho Verde)

WR – Jayden Lundy (Paloma Valley)

LB – Brad Garza (King)

RB – Javier Luna (Heritage)

RB – Marlon Moorer (Rancho Verde)

LB – Gabriel Murgo (San Gorgonio)


FOOTBALL: The “Great 8 & 4 More” Rankings after First Round of Playoffs


Everybody and their brother puts together a “High School Football Poll,” and to be honest, most of them look like they don’t even go the games!?!? Inland_Sports covers about a dozen football games every week so not only do we see all these teams, but we got the video highlights to back up our rankings.

With that said … I think we’ve been pretty darn close all season and this week’s rankings prove that. Roosevelt cracks the “Great 8” after wins against Norco and San Jacinto in back-to-back weeks.

Meanwhile, there’s three teams in the “4 More” that have closed out their season: Cajon, Citrus Hill, and Paloma Valley.

That’ll give a couple teams that are currently still in the playoffs, an opportunity to get off the bubble and into the “Great 8 & 4 More” — we’re looking at you Norte Vista, Summit, San Gorgonio, Notre Dame, Rubidoux, Redlands, etc.