VOLLEYBALL: All-Area Private School Selections

The high school volleyball season is complete and our Inland_Sports volleyball correspondent Derryl Trujillo has been busy putting together our All-Area teams highlight the top teams, coaches, and players in the Inland Empire.

Check out our All-Area Private School Selections, Click Here! Inland Sports Volleyball All-Area Selections- Private Schools

FOOTBALL: Green Bay Packers Kenny Clark NFL Play 60 Challenge Camp

Former Carter High School football star and San Bernardino native Kenny Clark of the Green Bay Packers hosted his NFL Play 60 camp at Cal State San Bernardino along with the Athletes for Life Foundation.

FOOTBALL: The Inland_Sports Show “Great 8 & 4 More” Preseason Poll

Well, for what it’s worth here’s the Inland_Sports “Why are we even doing a preseason poll” Great 8 & 4 More Preseason Poll. Preseason polls are pretty silly if you think about it, but at least it sparks some conversation on teams to watch in the Inland Empire this season, right?

Our preseason poll rewards those teams that enjoyed success in 2015 while playing in tough leagues and playoff divisions. In a few weeks, this poll could look a lot different. Tweet us @Inland_Sports and tell us which teams will be moving up the Great 8 & 4 More Rankings or which teams are missing from the poll? We’ll read some of your tweets LIVE on the Inland_Sports Show, Saturday at 11am on Fox Sports 1350.

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